David Burnell - The Velvet Hammer

Years ago I was working with a very dynamic CEO of an oil and gas company. One day while we were talking he said;

"David, you are a Velvet Hammer. You hit very hard, but the hammer is wrapped in a coating of love."

Hitting hard and loving those I serve are indeed the hallmarks of my drive and motives. It takes a hard will to drive on and complete the mission while under severe pressure.

Balancing the iron will to "do the deed" while also showing love and compassion are the keys to true joy and accomplishment.

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Japan Tsunami Recovery Mission

Myanmar (Burma) Mission

Haiti Earthquake Relief Mission

Founder - Urban Warfare Center


This trademarked emblem represents some of the key elements in the life and focus of David Burnell.

The emblem represents a global circle, an international dive flag representing David's significant water experience in various modes, the dagger represents his extensive involvement with special operations missions and forces, the snake represents the medical services rendered and the stars are the field from the flag and country that he has served and loves.

This emblem was created by the World Class and talented Ryan Gorley from If you need a logo, website or high speed technology oriented message created he is the man!

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