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“You're a hero to every family you met and/or helped. Bravery isn't always about stepping into a severe life threatening situation; it's also about putting others before yourself and doing what's right to bring closure to families who are grieving over lost loved ones. You, sir, are a very brave human because you put your own personal life on hold and did whatever it took to give comfort and hopefully some closure to the families who were desperate to find their lost loved ones. Even if it was only a picture or personal items they meant the world to the families. I can only hope that if I were lost in such utter devastation that someone such as yourself would step up and do whatever took to bring comfort and closure to my family. Thank you for all that you do to help families near and far find peace in their lives.”

Lind Girl

David is a decorated veteran with a decade of honorable active duty military service with the United States Air Force. He has participated in dozens of joint service military operations in multiple continents. David’s is a cold war veteran. Some of his mission include Desert Storm, Operation Cabanas, and Operation Flintlock a Special Operations tri-annual mission specializing in counter insurgency, counter terrorism, hostage rescue. He is a graduate of an elite hostage rescue school in England and was considered the most unconventional thinker by the instructors. He served on the Blue Knights Rifle Drill Team and the Honor Guard. He was recognized by over 200 students and the Cadre at Leadership School in Upper Heyford England where he received the John Levitow Award for being the top graduate. David ended his career with an honorable discharge and many top performer awards to include the Meritorious Service Medal.

Every year in Europe there is a combat competition for United States Air Force Security Forces. David was instrumental in training up the teams from Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath and Mildenhall in small unit tactics, tactical rappelling and close quarters fighting.

While stationed in England David attended a hostage rescue school hosted by the British and with American instructors. This course would be the foundation of the creation of the Urban Warfare Center by David from 2002-2012.

Because David won the title of Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) of the year at RAF Lakenheath, he was awarded a flight on the F-111 Aardvark fighter bomber that bomb Libya the previous two years. His pilot on this flight was one of the pilots that was on that raid deep into Libya. David was required to go through a day long training in order to prepare for this flight. Along with dog fighting over the English channel in an air-to-air “free zone” David and his pilot also dropped fake bombs in ranges in northern Scotland. He pulled 9 G’s, traveled in excess of MACH 3 and learned how to plug in the waypoints as he flew in the navigators seat. This was a one in a lifetime epic experience!

While stationed in Texas, David had the opportunity to go to the Lindon B Johnson ranch and training with the Secret Service that protected Lady Johnson the wife of the President. It was a day for shooting UZI’s, shotguns and many other weapons.

During Desert Shield and Desert Storm David provided security to the base through night time patrols. After four months he was reunited with his family back in the USA.

On patrol using PVS-7 night vision goggles.

During his first assignment in Texas David won the title of Airman of the year and was given an incentive flight on the OA-37 “Dragonfly”. This attack/observation aircraft was used extensively in Vietnam and Central America. David actually go to fly this jet aircraft under the direction of the pilot of nearly an hour of his two hour flight.

Davids second assignment at Bergstrom Air Force Base Texas was with the 6o2nd Tactical Air Control Center (TACC). This was a mission to create Air Tasking Orders (ATO) and facilitate air strikes on enemy targets in support of the United States Army.

Training with JSOC in England.

David participated in dozens of Joint Chiefs of Staff Military Exercises globally.

David was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal after his last assignment at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. This medal is one of the highest decorations that can be giving to a member of the military.

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