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The Combat Stress Program (2002-2012) David created the Combat Stress Program in response to the events of 9/11 for deploying units that needed high level training before entering  the war zone. It also become a significant training location for federal agencies and law enforcement for 10 years. One of the key programs that has been developed and taught in the Urban Warfare Center is the Combat Stress Program (CSP). In the spirit of the quote, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy," the Combat Stress Program teaches participants the principles that will ensure their ability to survive and thrive in the...

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Stress Inoculation, Training -

Let me begin by stating that I have operated a premier force-on-force (human-vs-human) facility for many years training Federal Agencies, SWAT, Police, Soldiers and Airman in close contact fighting.  While I may not be a brain surgeon I have become a subject matter mentor in stress inoculation and behaviors under stress.  Operating the Urban Warfare Center my elite force-on-force facility has driven home many lessons.  The key point I want to make in this brief is that the brain has many functions and some of them decline rapidly in a fight.  I have seen this in business, conflict, fights, training, rescue missions and recently on...

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