About David Burnell

"Life's glory is in helping others and its valor is found in private, quiet and committed moments when the edge is razor sharp and the fall is final." - David

David has operated around the globe for over 30 years in every climate and terrain as a humanitarian, military veteran, search and rescue veteran, defensive tactics instructor and certified bodyguard for high risk areas. He has an in depth unconventional background in Special Operations with the military, rescue and recovery, executive protection, hostage rescue and human recovery operations. David is a businessman and has created successful multi-million dollar enterprises from the ground up.

>He is a veteran of the United States Air Force with over a decade of honorable active duty service. His military experiences include Intelligence, combat communications and close air support. He is a veteran Search and Rescue instructor and a Dive Rescue International Public Safety SCUBA Instructor. He is a small arms expert, National Taekwondo Champion, and the producer and director of over 16 commercial films.

After the 9/11 attacks he founded the Urban Warfare Center and the Combat Stress Program. Thousands of soldiers, federal agents and police were trained to win the fight in through his branded stress inoculation training. According to senior military and law enforcement leadership these programs saved lives and reduced casualty rates. David is the creator of the Defensive Tactics self-defense system which has been featured internationally and can be found commercially on DVD.

Some of David's recent missions include Burma with the Karen Army, Thailand, Nicaragua with the RAMA Indians, Costa Rica, Japan Tsunami Recovery Operations, and Alabama Tornado Relief Operations. In 2010 David was selected as the chief of security for the Utah Hospital Task Force for post Earthquake Haiti. His duties included protection of the Task Force Commander, a former advisor to President Reagan, as well as ensuring the protection of 120 doctors, nurses and translators. This event was the largest loss of life in modern recorded history. He is a published author and continues to serve and express his experiences in a series of short stories with the preamble “Danger Calls”.