Solar Camp CAMO Portable Waterproof Portable USB Solar Charger

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Solar Camp- Hiker - 5V 10W Portable USB Solar Charger Waterproof Foldable Rugged Camping Travel Charger | Compatible w/Smartphone, Power Bank, GPS, Beacon, Portable Speaker, etc.

  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Half the size of other solar chargers our portable solar panel folds to a minimal 6x12 inches, weighs only 8.2oz, and has thin film (CIGS) cells, that are 100% flexible. Making it super easy to fold up and carry for all your camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, picnics, and any traveling needs.
  • ✅ HIGH CONVERSION RATE: Get a quick-charge and good performance in low light & harsh weather conditions. Fully charges newest model smartphone in approximately 2.5 hours in full sunlight.
  • ✅ WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: Built to last. Our solar panels and junction box are waterproof, shatterproof, shock-resistant, and child-proof. PLUS the outer fabric protects your devices from the occasional rain or wet fog.
  • ✅ WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Supports virtually all devices that are charged via 5V USB- smartphones, tablets, power banks, portable speakers, GPS, beacons, etc.
  • ✅EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Ideal for emergency situations- the ultralight and compact design easily fits into your survival/emergency kit, or bug out bag(BOB) for any unpredictable encounters. Ensure your kit is all encompassing by adding the Hiker 10W charger!