Solar Camp Portable Waterproof Portable USB Solar Charger

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Solar Camp 5V 7.6W Portable USB Solar Charger Waterproof Foldable Camping Travel Charger with 2 USB Compatible w/Most Small USB Devices- Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, Power Banks, etc. (Blue)

  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Half the size of other solar chargers our portable solar panel folds to a minimal 8.9x5.8 inches, weighs only 10oz, and has thin film (CIGS) cells, that are 100% flexible. Making it super easy to fold up and carry for all your camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, picnics, and any traveling needs.
  • ✅ HIGH CONVERSION RATE: Get a quick-charge and good performance in low light & harsh weather conditions. Fully charges an iPhone 8 in less than 1.8 hrs with full sun.
  • ✅ WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: Built to last. Our solar panels and junction box are waterproof, shatterproof, shock-resistant, and child-proof. PLUS the outer fabric protects your devices from the occasional rain or wet fog.
  • ✅ WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Supports virtually all devices that are charged via 5V USB- smartphones, tablets, beacons, GPS, power banks, portable speakers, etc.
  • ✅ EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Ideal for emergency & survival situations. Ultralight and compact, the charger easily fits into a survival kit, or bug out bag (BOB) and the bright color offers great visibility so the charger does not get misplaced in natural wooded or desert settings and can be used to signal for help if necessary.